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Till date India remains as an agricultural country with 60% of the population living in rural and tribal areas, depending on farming as their main livelihood. Animal health is an integral part of farming so that the farmers can earn a sustainable living. Veterinary care is an inevitable need in such circumstances. Unfortunately, this need goes largely unmet among many people groups. Millions of people have never seen a veterinarian in their lifetime. There is a gap between available resources and the need. In 2015, Dr. Dickson, one of the founders of Vetnet Foundation had a burden to start a vet mission movement in India challenging young veterinarians to network with each other and invest their skills and expertise for the underprivileged in North Indian states. Thus, Vetnet was formed with the aim to bridge address the need by providing veterinary care, veterinary camps, and livestock training for the farmers at large.  To reach out to the most people groups, Vetnet works in collaboration with other organizations to provide animal health care for the people they serve. Till date Vetnet has organized several veterinary camps in North and North-East India with doctors from all over India and conduct Animal Husbandry training. 

After two consultations with a team of veterinarians between 2015 - 2019, Vetnet Foundation was registered as a Trust in New Delhi on the 25th October 2019. Our registration number is 2268. 

Vetnet Foundation is a Registered Trust (Trust No. 2268), registered in New Delhi, India. 

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  • Vetnet Foundation aims to network with like minded veterinarians to bring transformation in the communities where we work across India. 

  • Vetnet Foundation challenges both veterinary students and graduates to invest their skills and expertise to empower the needy and the marginalised people. 

  • Vetnet Foundation aims to organize short and long term exposure trips for young professionals to remote and rural parts of India. 

  • Vetnet Foundation aims to assist veterinarians working in various remote locations by facilitating up-skilling workshops and training programs.

  • Vetnet Foundation aims to share knowledge and information of modern scientific methods for livestock keeping to farmers in India. 

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Key People


Dr. Dickson Paul

Dr Dickson Paul is a veterinarian by training with over 37 years of experience. He initially worked as Junior Manager (Veterinary) at Madurai District Milk Producers Cooperative Union and thereafter worked with the Government of Tamil Nadu as a Veterinary Assistant Surgeon in the Animal Husbandry (AH) Department. He resigned his govt position in the early 90’s and moved to Allahabad, and worked in the Non Formal Education Centre of Allahabad Agricultural Institute as a Fraternal worker, giving AH training for the rural youth. He has also completed a diploma in International Poultry Husbandry from the Netherlands. He later moved to Delhi and is now running an Animal Clinic (Animal Wellness Centre) in the neighbourhood of Goyla Dairy, for pet and farm animals from poor households. In addition to this clinic, he facilitates livestock training for impoverished people living in the interiors of North and North East India in collaboration with local NGOs. He is also the founder and Director of Vetnet Foundation, which aims to work for poor and marginalized people living in the remote locations of North India, by conducting Free Veterinary Camps and Animal Health trainings facilitated by voluntary veterinary students and practitioners.

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"All creatures are deserving of a life free from fear and pain"

Maura Cummings

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