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Veterinary Professionals

Are you a Veterinarian or a Veterinary Student with a heart to serve? We want to connect with you. 

Most of the marginalized population in India are farmers who depend upon their livestock for their livelihood. It is our responsibility as veterinary professionals to empower those who are less privileged with information that is important for the well-being of the animals they keep - both farm and pet animals.

Therefore, every veterinarian has the privilege to play a role in transforming the communities where we live. 

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Development Organizations

Is your organization working among the downtrodden and marginalized people of India? Are the people you work with mostly farmers who depend on livestock for their livelihood?

We are here to connect with you and empower the people you are working with by providing services to improve animal welfare. Fill out the form below or click on one of the links to get in touch. 


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“Animal health is a nation's wealth"

Old Proverb