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Will you come again?

A Veterinary Medical Camp and training programs were held in two Rana Tharu Villages with the partnership of VET NET FOUNDATION. Dr Dickson (Delhi) and Dr. Rajapandi (Tamil Nadu) from Vet Net Foundation came for this program, along with other volunteers.

It was a pleasant day in February 2020 when VNF volunteers visited Paliakalan, a city and a municipal board in Lakhimpur Kheri district, Uttar Pradesh. It is also a home to Dudhwa National Park, a wildlife park that boasts rhinos, tigers, wild tuskers, rare barking deer and many migratory birds. The park is close to the Nepal border. Because of this, as the vehicle entered into a thick forest we suddenly realised that our phone was not working. Dudhwa National park is known for its tiger reservoir located close to Paliakalan, the northern part of Uttar Pradesh. On the way we had a glimpse of wildlife - a few crocodiles in the stream.

After driving in the deep forest for an hour we saw a few hamlets. This is where the Rana Tharu, one of the tribal groups, is living. Living in the jungle, Rana Tharu are very

industrious and hard working. Their main livelihood is agriculture and animal husbandry, particularly of goats and buffaloes.

Trip report by local organisers:

Date: Place:

25.02.2020 Seda Bedha Village

26.02.2020 Bankati Village

● Day 1: Seda Bedha Village.

At 8 am, the doctors and the rest of the team reached Seda

Bedha village and started camp. We saw people busy with their work. We quickly displayed all our medicines and vaccines.Village people slowly started to come with their buffalos, goats, dogs, hens and pigs to receive medications. Doctors were able to treat 180 animals and birds that day in Seda Bedha village.

● Day 2: Bankati Village.

We had another early start arriving at 8:30 am. In this village many

more people came than expected! Again, they brought their goats, dogs and buffalos. 301 animals were treated in Bankati Village through this program.

The response in both villages was very good. We could meet and talk to new people and make new contacts. The village leader (Pradhan) was also very interested in helping us, especially in Bankati Village.

Doctors examined and dispensed medications for free in the two villages. The medications included deworming, vitamins, skin medications and vaccinations.

Training and awareness program during Medical Camp.

In both villages, doctors selected some of Tharu people and gave

them training on how to dilute and administer the medicine for

deworming. The village people were very interested to learn how

to do it.

They also distributed a booklet in Hindi about how to take care of

their goats

Many testified that this was the first animal husbandry help they

have had in their village. A few Tharu people learnt to do

deworming themselves and were very excited.

We gave the promise that we would return. Though the pandemic

puts us on hold, the question of a young girl still rings in our ears:

When will you come again?

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